Dynamic Production Integration: Building Effective 21st Century Leaders.

Golden H Productions is an innovative production company with the goal to integrate digital technology and the entertainment industry with education and instructional design, for the purpose of building effective 21st century leaders.

Our mission is to raise effective future leaders of the 21st century by developing media rich materials and studios that will merge the diverse categories of the entertainment business, digital technology, instructional design, and education, with new innovative ways and concepts that have yet to be explored or developed.

As noted with our mission statement we are not your usual single-purpose film production company. We're incorporating diversity of technology, business, industry, and education to specifically train and prepare effective 21st century leaders. Call now for and basic information about the company, current projects, resource connections, future projects, or possible investment opportunities.

Golden H Productions: Trendsetting Beyond the Edge

Our production company specializes in short films, documentaries, instructional design, media rich curriculum's and materials, training and development. Golden H Productions is also the forerunner to our future "Studio In0vat0r2" an innovative Media/Studio Center with new exciting concepts that makes the studio unique and different from others of its type. Check back soon for more details on the development of this as it's available to be released.
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Dynamic Production Integration:


Building Effective 

21st Century 


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