Introducing Sharon S. Hawn: Founder, Producer, Director of Golden H Productions



Extensive and diverse amount of international experiences, with a keen understanding of culture and social economic diversity, ethics, and the infrastructures of international business, with a solid working foundation for global adaptability.

Artistic/creative innovator, with experience in multi-tool media productions, web2.0, social networking, virtual learning, instructional design, education, instructor/trainer, broadcasting, film, radio, studio recording, performing arts, graphic design, animation artist, construction, theatrical design, set design and modeling, live event production, technical working knowledge of film, television, radio, stage and live event productions, and an unusual background in aviation electronics and avionics.

Administration, marketing and promotions, public relations, networking, diplomacy, supervisory & management, publications, advanced academic research, as well as a working knowledge in business and copyright.


Masters of Science in Education Media Design and Technology, Full Sail University—October 2010.

Full Sail University, 3000 University Boulevard, Winter Park, FL 32792

Action Research: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Instructional Design, with the integration of three major components, of the Cognitive Load Theory. Learn more here.

Bachelors of Science in IIC—Communications, Eastern Michigan University.

Eastern Michigan University, 350 E Huron, Ypsilanti, MI

Work History:

Founder, Producer, Director—Golden H Productions (est.2011)

Educator, Alaska—Primary, Secondary

Corporate Instructor, International

Media Productions:

Sharon has worked for and under contract with many media production and PR promotions companies from 1980–1988, including: RA Productions, Simi Valley, CA, EL Gipo Public Relations Firm, Cuernavaca, Mexico, Es Studios de la Chulabusco, Mexico City, Mexico, Norwegian Communications Services, Sarongs Dal, Norway, Norwegian Recording Studios, Sarongs Dal, Norway, ORU Studios & Maybee Center Coliseum, Tulsa, OK, Morelos Film Commission, Cuernavaca, Mexico, WQBR Radio, Ypsilanti, MI, KCIN Radio, Victorville, CA, CSUSB, San Bernardino, CA.

Sharon has been a public speaker, team leader, writer and designer for many contracts between 1977 and 2011.

She has also been involved in performing arts between 1970 and 1990, with affiliations between AFTRA/SAG, FCC, Alpha Epsilon RHO, IMDb Pro, ACM, and SIGGRAPH.

Full Sail University Education Design Media & Technology Masters of Science Program Review

Reflecting my journey through the EMDT program. This piece showcases all of my original work while I was in school and it promotes the school, especially the Masters of Science Education Media Design and Technology program. This video not only gives a good background about the stages of the Masters program, it also gave me the inspiration to develop the concept and plans for launching ‘Studio In0vat0rs’ within small communities.

Learn more about Sharon and her expertise in production, instructional design, and PR by contacting her company Golden H Productions, today at (907) 841-8786 in Alaska, USA. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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