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At Golden H Productions, we desire to share informational links of websites, companies, articles, books, podcasts, and innovative trendsetters, that we have found to be insightful towards the positive growth of building effective leaders of the 21st century. We also have a company blog page where you can subscribe and follow our company’s growth and the development of our current projects.

Current Projects

There are 3 current documentaries in various stages of production at Golden H Productions. The working titles and topics are:

  • "Integration of Digital Technology in Alaskan Rural Education System"
  • "Documentary on Vietnam War"
  • "A Life Story a Three-War Vet (WW2, Korean and Vietnam)"

Instructional Design

Golden H Productions is currently working on the development of 3 instructional lesson modules:

  • Geography—Targeted Audience Middle School
  • US History—Targeted Audience Is High School
  • Music—Target Audience Secondary & Post-Secondary

Reading Media / Information Literacy

This page is designed to enhance your understanding of digital technology, trends and Informational Literacy by providing various articles, and commentaries that our company has researched, discovered, and/or developed.


Our production company’s website provides a networking blog page, where entrepreneurs with similar passions of building effective future leaders, instructional design, innovative trends with digital technology, various aspects of the entertainment business, new developments in education, and how gaming concepts are integrating into business. This networking page blog is a place to collaborate, share comments responding to new trends, topics, articles, or developments.

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