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We all know that technology and its rapid growth can be a blessing and a hindrance. When I developed Golden H Productions, its concepts and projects, I expected a ten-year development projection to take only five years. Now a year in business, I marvel at how the quantity and quality of the new technology has set the global pace for rapid development. This new faster pace has amplified the ever-growing “GAP” between those who have the resources and means for the new technology and those who do not. Globally this problem not only affects educators, small businesses, and small communities (one of Golden H Productions’ platform/concepts), but it has grown widely among the average consumer.

Therefore Golden H Productions will be redirecting our approach to how each project is handled and marketed. As the owner and founder of Golden H Productions I believe that the NEED to address the “GAP” is an immediate and greater problem than to ignore it and remain self concerned about internal company deadlines. Therefore Golden H Productions once again goes “…beyond the edge…”  Planning and providing communities with the tools to build, decrease the “GAP”, prosper, and still be the key component in the development of our future 21st century leaders.

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